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On the “brief updates” front…

22 June, 2012

Did Anime Expo seriously include a rape joke in today’s email newsletter?  Yes, they did:

(Trigger warning for rape culture.)

Lounge 21 – New for 2012!

Anime Expo is turning twenty-one and with this milestone we’re celebrating by offering a lounge where our “of age” attendees can relax and enjoy an adult beverage away from the craziness of all the anime, cosplay, and overall otaku excitement. The first five hundred patrons who buy a drink in the lounge Friday, Saturday or Sunday will “get graped” with a free bottle of Tentacle Grape soda. Custom drinks featuring the purple-y goodness will be on the menu. (You must, obviously, be 21 or over to enter and be able to produce a photo I.D. to get in.) Special guests include Tune in Tokyo, Stephanie Yanez, Do Not Feed The DJ and more!

(My emphasis.)

I feel dirty, now.  What compels people to think that this sort of humor is ever a good idea? (And if this is their idea of an enticing advertisement, I shudder to think of the names they’ve devised for their “custom drinks.”) Now I feel a good bit better about the fact that my schedule won’t permit me to attend this year’s convention.

And, in anticipation of potential comments, I realize that the ill-considered joke is riffing off an existing, non-AX product. But just because one company picks a bone-headed name for their product doesn’t mean that others should condone and perpetuate such behavior by playing along. Shame on you, Anime Expo.

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