The concept of discrete, compartmentalized spaces is intrinsic to contemporary American life.  You don’t after all, see the U.S. military testing Predator drones over Main Street; they’ve got the vast wastelands of Nevada for that.

So, too, with this blog.  In my normal life, I’m an academic researcher who dabbles in animation and teaching.  Academia normally provides a hierarchy of venues for the airing of ideas.  You start with a graduate seminar, or maybe some informal discussion, where ideas surge into the atmosphere.  Those that survive the ensuing debate are carefully nurtured until they’re ready for presentation at a prestigious academic conference, where a good turnout is defined as one where the audience members at least outnumber the panelists.  Conference outlines and Powerpoints then serve as the grist which will eventually be refined into the flour of an article at a peer-reviewed journal, which then becomes a chapter of the dissertation, which then becomes a chapter of the first published book, and so forth.

But what if you’re an academic and you don’t have access to seminars or workshops, or you want to try ideas out before having to speak them aloud?  Well, that’s what this blog is for.  It’s my scratch pad.

My research interests, nominally speaking, are Japanese animation, video games, and otaku fan-culture.  My methodology, if we want to get fancy, is high-theoretical analysis, though I’ll try to keep things informal and breezy.  I can’t promise that I’ll unlock any great secrets of the universe, but I hope that I’ll at least be able to provide some entertaining reads.

Well, then, best be moseying along.  No point in sticking around here.

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