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Update, Round Two

17 March, 2012 2 comments

Real-life drama and professional busy-ness have left me without much time or energy for blog posting, hence the lack of updates.  For anyone interested, I’ll be giving a talk on Touhou and gender issues at the 2012 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference (Boston, March 21).  Two weeks later, I’ll be giving a talk on theoretical approaches to Hatsune Miku and augmented reality tech at USC School of Cinematic Arts’ ZdC graduate conference (Los Angeles, April 7).

After the crunch is over, I’ll see about adding more content.  Until then, here’s an experiment in real-time crowd-sourced experimental music production, courtesy of MIT’s Media Lab: Patchwerk.  The mass is doing a pretty good job of dialing in some truly God-forsaken noise; I’m running the stream as background music while I finalize my script for next Wednesday.

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25 November, 2011 Comments off

End of the semester, and it’s also PhD applications season.  Updates will continue to be sparse, but I should have a Fate/Zero essay ready once the smoke clears.

In other news, I’m as surprised as anyone at Ascii’s latest numbers claiming a 10.1% female viewership for Strike Witches.  That figure seems entirely too high.

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